For quite some time now I’ve been thinking about this funny little life I lead and the way I live it. From the way I treat others, to how I want to be treated by them in return. I’ve always followed my mothers’ advice, trying my hardest to be kind, caring and appreciative towards everyone. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to harden my shell. There is only so much a girl can take, before it breaks you.

In order to get the best out of your life, you have to set yourself goals. Well I’ve tried to do just this; my aim was to make something of myself by the time I was in my mid twenties. I would have my life figured out, and my goals well underway to being big time achievements. And of course the whole marriage, family and dream house saga that we all desire in some shape or form, would be in my sights for the near future.


It wasn’t until last year that I really felt like I was going nowhere; I had friends that weren’t really there for me, had their lives figured out and their future plans underway. They had no time for me and my failures, and we just weren’t relating to each others’ problems anymore. I had family that would ask about my life, then judge me on my backtracking and redirection. They didn’t know they were upsetting me, but I let it all get to me anyway.

That was the year that I decided to stop pleasing everyone. To stop spouting all of this nonsense about how I had my life together, and how I knew where I was headed. To stop keeping up appearances, and acting like I was fine. To stop sugar coating my life to appear great to everyone else, when I was melting inside. If I wanted to actually achieve anything, I had to stop hiding away and playing it safe. Time to get out of my comfort zone, and start telling the world that I was going to become something.


I’m not under some strange illusion that my life is now going to magically transform. There will be days where I still slump out on the sofa with a spoon and jar of Nutella, wishing it would all just work out already. You know those days where you just wish you had a magic ball, to take a glimpse at your future so you know you’re doing things right? Well lifes’ not that easy, but by God I wish it was sometimes.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s absolutely fine to not have your life all figured out, but whats’ not fine is people making you feel bad about it. If anyone asks me in future, I’m going to try to be honest; my life is a work in progress, my dreams are still my goals. The main thing is that I am working towards them, and just because that I’m not at the same stage of my life as others are, doesn’t mean I won’t get there. If we could all learn to sympathize and help each other out a little more, this world would be a much nicer place. But for now, I’m becoming a metaphoric turtle. I’m hardening my shell, and heading down my own road to success.


If you related to this article in any shape or form, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment below guys and galsย ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Why I’ve decided to stop pleasing everyone

  1. I relate to this post so much. There is so much pressure and expectation for people to have their lives figured out by a certain age. You’re constantly compared to (and comparing yourself to) other people around your age and wondering why you don’t have a life like that. Whilst I never want to be a disappointment to my family, I don’t want to live a life I am unhappy with. Each day I try to work towards my end goal (career wise) but because I have nothing to show for it and no income from it, I feel like my family think I’m being lazy and that I’m somehow failing at life. Maybe I should write a whole post about this topic myself. I didn’t expect to write such a lengthy comment, I honestly just came to the comments to say I relate and thank you for reassuring me that what I’m doing in life is just fine ๐Ÿ™‚ x


    1. Thank you for your reply Emma it’s actually quite relieving hearing that someone else is going through this too. We just try to show everyone we are doing fine and it’s tiring trying to prove ourselves all the time! Nice to hear you can relate and if you do write a post I’d love to read it x

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