Now that Summers’ almost here, I felt like writing a little up beat post declaring all of the things we have to look forward to. With sunnier skies on their way, the weather warming up and the nights growing longer, there are so many outside activities that we can enjoy. So without further ado, here is what I am most looking forward to this summer. I hope to inspire you to get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

The first thing I think of when someone mentions the word summer is the food that comes with it. BBQ’s are fantastically simple summer events; they can be anything from a relaxed afternoon with your partner, to a great big friends and family gathering. With fresh food, ice cold drinks and glorious sunshine, they make for a really great day.


Outdoor movie nights

This is something that I have seen crop up on Pinterest and Instagram time and time again, but have never got round to hosting one myself. I plan on making this the year where I actually invite friends round for a movie night in the back garden. All it requires is a small projector, a bed sheet hanging from a washing line, a film, comfort food, cosy pillows and blankets. What could be better than watching a movie with your friends and loved ones, under the stars?


Beer gardens

I feel as though beer gardens have a bad rep. When we think of one, we often imagine typical British football hooligans spilling beer everywhere, outside in the sunshine. But not all of them are like that, in fact, most of them are perfectly pleasant. This summer, I see myself sat outside a quaint little pub by the river, enjoying the sunshine with my nearest and dearest. Who’s with me?


Fruit picking

This has become an annual tradition of mine to go fruit picking with my family in the countryside. As the weather warms, ‘Pick your own’ signs start cropping up around country roads, inviting you to harvest strawberries, raspberries and so much more. My favourite has always been the strawberries; great for a summer evening treat with whipped cream, decorated on top of a cake, or blended into a smoothie.

strawberry picking


Now if you don’t go to a festival in the summer, are you even doing summer right? Okay, it is England and you can’t guarantee good weather (mud-filled fields of Glastonbury and Download come to mind!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun outdoors. When my favourite performers are on, I’m there no matter what the cost! Just throw on your wellies and get going!


Road trips

A little weekend road trip is sometimes all you need to get away from reality. As I’m based in the Midlands, it’s a little saddening knowing I’m nowhere near a beach, but that won’t stop be visiting one when I know the weathers’ on my side. I’ve always wanted to visit Brighton, so I’m gonna do my best to make this the year I actually go!

road trip

Shopping trips

By this I don’t mean where you’re stuck inside a mall all day long. What I mean is where you’re popping in and out of traditional sweet stores and one off boutiques in old country towns.  There’s an absolutely gorgeous one not far from me called Bridgenorth; you can browse the stalls at the outdoor market, then grab some fish and chips and sit in the sunshine, overlooking the river. Pure bliss.

husband creche

So there you have it; just some of the things that I’m looking forward to doing over the course of the summer. What are you guys looking forward to? More suggestions for summer activities welcome! 🙂

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