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While scrolling through some of my social media favourites such as Pinterest and Instagram recently, I had lovely little idea – Why not share and inspire my fellow photo lovers with some of my favourite couple poses? We all try to mix it up on days out/holidays, but quite often we all end up doing the same old thing, time and time again.

It’s nice to get a collection going of the same pose (Take a look at The Travel Collectors Guide post here for more info), but to break the habit and try something a little different, I’ve put some photo inspiration together for you all. I haven’t tried them all myself yet, but they’re on my list! For the poses that I am yet to try, I have provided links to other creators. Please give them credit where it is due; we can help to support each other. Now, on with the poses…

The jumping pose

Lets’ be honest, this has got to be one of the most overdone photo poses out there. Does it stop me from doing it myself? Hell no! I have a friend who has jumping shots all around the world, and she keeps the jump as similar as possible to create a collection feel about them. It doesn’t even have to be a couple pose, grab all your friends and give it a go!

jump shot

The lead me anywhere pose

This pose came about quite some time ago when a girl on Instagram became famous for doing the pose continuously in each place her and her beau visited (Again, creating an awesome collection). In each photo she would have her back to the camera with a different outfit on and a different surrounding, but what remained the same was her arm stretching back and taking hold of her beaus’ hand. I think this is quite romantic, and I love the mystery about it as we don’t see either of their faces. There’s a good example of it here by Murad Osmann.

The holding something pose

We all love a good holding pose, and this is usually done with a famous monument in the palm of our hands, making them appear much smaller than they actually are. This can be transformed into another great couple shot; just get one of you to stand at a distance, while the other takes a selfie with their hand out. I especially love this one here seen by rosiemogan on Instagram – cool and creative!

The Titanic pose

You can deny it all you want, but we all secretly love a bit of cheese! The arms out in the air, loving life and free as a bird pose is pretty old school, but it’s still worth a try if you’re lost for ideas. It doesn’t even have to be on a ship; you can give it a go anywhere with a nice view in the distance.

titanic shot.jpg

The Lady and the Tramp pose

Okay okay, I see you rolling your eyes at this one. All aboard the cheese train. You might not be a fan of this one, but I think this idea could be incredibly funny! It’s all about having fun together, and it shows off what delicious food you’re tucking into. What could be better than that?! In my opinion, the messier the better. A good foodie example can be seen here by Corey and Jasmine.

The admiring the view pose

This one is a bit of a spin off from the ‘lead me anywhere’ pose, but I love it anyway. With both of your backs to the camera (taken by either a willing friend or on a tripod), it’s a nice change from the front-facing cheshire cat grins, that I know I’m guilty of always doing myself.

view shot

The cuddling under a blanket pose

Great for a summers’ evening when the cold is settling in a little, or even indoors by the fire in a nice autumn/winter shot. This has to be one of the cutest ideas I’ve found, and oh so simple. Just grab a picnic blanket or bedroom throw, and give it a go. This one here is rather adorable, taken by Dylan Howell.

The message to the camera shot

Does anyone remember that shot of Margot Robbie on her wedding day, giving the camera the middle finger as her and her beau kiss? If you didn’t see it, you can find it here on her Instagram page. I love the message that it brought across – the ‘I’m happy and I don’t give a f*** what you think’ that it portrays. I’d like to create something like this myself one day, and it doesn’t even have to be a harsh message. I quite admire this shot here taken by Athena Pelton of a lovely couple with a sparkler; it’s simple, effective and uses a similar angle.

The clever disguise pose

This last one is something new to me, and it wasn’t until I saw a couple creating it around Halloween that I even thought of it! All they did was grab a pumpkin, hold it between them and kiss behind it. Again, so simple, different and it creates a little bit of mystery. Kissing poses aren’t always the most attractive (let’s be honest here, not all of us like our side profiles), so this is a lovely little twist on a classic couple shot. Another I came across on Tumblr is of a couple in Disneyland; take a look at it here for inspiration!

While there are so many more poses out there that I am yet to come across, here are some of my favourites/new discoveries that I’ll be sure to give a go when the opportunity next presents itself. If any of you have done any of these or have any more great ideas, I’d love to hear of them! Drop me a comment below, or send me a link! Thanks lovelies!

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