Denmark’s Copenhagen is somewhere that I have fallen madly in love with during my travels, and I would recommend a trip there to anyone in search of both culture and beauty. What I love most about it is that it still seems to be one of the lesser known beauties of Europe; when we think of a Euro trip we envision Paris, Milan and London. Because of this, the city of Copenhagen is wonderfully preserved and not overly populated with tourists. It hasn’t lost its charm and sold out to the big name brands; you can still find a quaint little pastry shop on the corner of the road, and a water fountain with locals sat around it reading their books. I would visit again without hesitation, but more specifically to one place there in particular; Tivoli Gardens.

I have been lucky enough to visit Copenhagen on more than one occasion, and ever since the first visit I fell completely in love with Tivoli. Since then, I have refused to miss it off my itinerary any time that I visited the city. It’s a photographer and bloggers’ dream, and I’m about to show and tell you why.

copenhagentivoli building.jpg

Tivoli Gardens is right in the centre of Copenhagen, and with sign posts for it everywhere it is not hard to find. I would best describe it as a floral wonderland, filled with cute cafes, kooky shops, flowers, fairy lights and old fashioned rides and roller coasters. It is decorated accordingly for each approaching season, hence my return as there is always something different there to see and do.


My favourite trip to Tivoli so far has to have been during the winter season. The place was filled with food markets, sprinkled with snowflakes and littered with Christmas trees. As the daylight disappeared, we grabbed a cup of hot chocolate each and spent hours searching every inch of the place, guided by the lights that were shining all around. From the souvenir shops to the retro games arcade, I could not fault a single thing there. It is the most adorable attraction that I’ve been to in Europe; perfect for a family outing or a date with a loved one.


Although it is a ‘Garden’, Tivoli is not a free public open space; more so an attraction (hence the roller coasters and entrance fee). I believe it was more than worth the money for what delights were inside. Whilst the photographs that I and my friends took were lovely, they did not do the place justice. When you stop to notice of all of the details that have gone into making that place what it is, you’ll be amazed. Not a hedge cut out of shape, nor a paint job unfinished. It simply is beautiful.

Tivoli is now somewhere very special to me; it brings back great memories and I will most definitely be visiting again. I decided to share it with you all to inspire you to go and see the place for yourselves. Let me know what you think once you’ve paid Tivoli a visit!


If any of you have visited Tivoli Gardens too, post a comment below and tell me all about it! Talking about the place brings back so many memories. I’d love to hear if any of you have been there during other seasons – I’m very tempted to try going there in the autumn next time, to see just how different the place looks.

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4 thoughts on “The Wanderlist: Copenhagens’ Tivoli Gardens

  1. Beautiful! I’m still dreaming of the day I can take a month off and just see the world! I’m definitely adding Copenhagen to my list! Great photos and post love!

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