Ever since the internet was invented, more and more possibilities have opened up to us; new ways of working, researching and most importantly – socialising. In today’s world, social media platforms, snap chats and live broadcasts are just some of the ways we use to keep in touch and share with the world what is happening in our lives. But what really baffles me is the lack of online dating in this modern world. In a time where we can contact an old friend by the click of a button, why are we not all looking to meet that someone new and special through the same methods?


In my own home town, I found it very hard to find someone that was single, that I was attracted to and could hold my interest. In your twenties with a full-time job on the go, there’s only so many times you can drag your friends out away from their partners on a nightclub hunt, for what will usually only end up being a sloppy kiss in the corner of a club. Additionally, who’s to say that after all the dark lights and booze are taken away that you will still find this person attractive, or have something actually in common?


This whole topic of online dating came about when I was asked by some friends how I met my own partner. We met online, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. We both were looking for someone to be serious with, and we made that very clear from the start; no funny business, no games and no messing around. We wanted someone to be happy with, to create memories with, and to share our lives with. And I really believe that that’s what we’ve found in each other.

When I was asked how we met, I was greeted with a not so subtle shocked expression on my friends faces. In return, I proceeded to explain how others I know had tried it before and it had worked out perfectly fine for them, and encouraged them to do the same. When I suggested this, they explained how they were ‘not quite into that’ and would much rather meet someone out in the real world. Well I hate to break it to you guys, but this IS the REAL WORLD. Online dating is where it’s all headed, so unless you are willing to get with the times and take a chance with it, you might end up waiting a while for Mr/Miss Right to come along.


I’m not saying that you can’t meet someone out in public while you’re walking your dog or wherever it is that you envision it happening, because of course this can happen, and for many it actually has. But if you’re like me and you’re more of a make things happen for yourself type of person, then you should go ahead and do just that. There’s so many people out there who just want someone to love, and like you, they are hoping to meet someone out in public, but just don’t run in the same circles.

The problem with online dating is the stigma it has around it. It isn’t perfect, but not many first dates ever are. There will be the eager beaver, the slow responder, and the bad photographer out there, but if you’re willing to search through that then you just might find someone great as a result of it.


My message to you all for the future is this; if you are looking to find love, don’t just wait for it to come along and find you. You could be wasting valuable time when you should be spending it with them. All you have to do is be proactive. Sign up to an online dating site or download a dating app and get chatting (We can both vouch for and believe it was worth every penny). Your ideal match might be just a click away, but you’ll never know unless you try. What do you have to lose? It might not be a great ‘how we met’ love story, but who cares? You will create so many more memories together that it hardly matters how it began. It’s how you want to feel that’s most important – Lonely, or In Love? The choice is yours.


If any of you who read this have also found love online, please get in touch and post a comment below. I would love to hear your story, and it could also help inspire more people looking for love out there to take the courage to go online and find it for themselves!

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7 thoughts on “Finding Love Online – Why everyone should try online dating

  1. I met my boyfriend online too. I was always unsure of trying it and have never been the most confident person, but then i decided to give it a go, used a dating site on and off, had the odd date that didn’t go anywhere, then unexpectidly met this one guy who is now my boyfriend and i couldn’t be happier. Weve been together nearly a year and a half now!

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    1. That’s amazing Hollie! It’s so nice to know someone else who has given it a go and it’s worked out. I had my fair share of odd dates too but I’m sure you’ll agree that it was totally worth it to meet the right guy! Stay happy 😄


  2. Great post! I am the kind of person who makes things happen for myself too, so online dating was a great option for me. I went to a woman’s only college so coming out of school, I didn’t know a lot of guys. And I’d already dated most of my friends’ brothers! Ha! The good thing about online dating is that you are meeting people who are also looking for a relationship (especially on a website where you need to pay to join). When you meet someone out in a bar, their intentions aren’t as clear. Do they want a girlfriend or are they just there for the beer? 😉 I met my husband on We grew up 5 miles apart from one another, and our parents had mutual friends. We just never knew each other. It’s crazy to think how much my life has changed for the better because I decided to try online dating. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone!

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    1. What a fantastic story Eleanor, and so amazing you actually had a mutual line of friendship, you were almost destined to meet! Lovely to hear another dating website has been successful other than the one I used too, hopefully we’ll inspire others to try them for themselves! 😄


  3. I have to agree with you about the stigma of online dating. I know 2 couples who have met online, successfully married I may add. I was really surprised two of our closest friends told us after their wedding they’ve met online.
    To me, it feels perfectly natural. I had my fair share of online chatting during university times hehe, without a successful matching, though I met my husband in a student bar, the irony.

    Thanks so much for tagging me onTwitter. I’m loving the blog and your sincerity.
    I just followed you:)

    Love from

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    1. Two successful marriages from online dating is music to my ears – it should be seen more as the norm than it is still being perceived and if more people saw the success coming from it they’d be with someone a lot sooner themselves. Thanks for sharing your story it’s great to hear about others! And thank you for the follow!

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