The New Year has begun, and so have the inevitable goals that are going to lead to a ‘New Year, New Me’. The trouble is that we all envision the final chapter; the finish line of where we want to go by the deadline of the following year. When we don’t see a change straight away in ourselves we get infuriated and upset, and often but not we give up. Try again next year. I’ve seen this happen too many times, and I’m guilty of it myself.

I believe it’s important to have goals, and having a deadline is a great way of pushing us to achieve those goals. But we forget all of the steps in between that get us there. It’s easy to say you’re going to achieve something, but it’s being able to keep those goals up that’s important. What we need to do is track our progress.


Remind yourself

You know those quotes you read about loving yourself and reminding yourself every day of why you do? Well that’s what you need to do right here. Each day find a moment to think about your progress; remind yourself of how far you’ve come rather than how far you have yet to go. The mind is a powerful thing and it’s really all down to that whether you keep on going.

Keep evidence

By evidence I mean proof that change has happened in you for the better. For example, Fitness Instructor Kayla Itsines tells people to photograph themselves at the start of their health journey and along the way. Visual evidence is a great way of keeping tabs on how you’re doing, so that you can watch your own progression rather than comparing with others. After all, you’re trying to become a better you, not become someone else!


Tell people

There’s nothing wrong with sharing with someone a goal you are trying to achieve. Every body has goals, and if they don’t offer you advice, it might just be because that you’ve reminded them of the goals they have set themselves. If you see someone going after something they want, doesn’t it just spur you on to do the same? Voicing your goal will not only re-instate it inside your mind, but could also inspire someone else’s journey.

Keep a diary

It doesn’t all have to be pen and paper; with notepad and diary phone apps or even video recordings, a diary can be kept in all shapes and sizes. By writing to yourself (Or speaking to yourself on camera), you are talking directly to your future self who is having doubts about whether or not to keep their goals up. Remind them of how you’re feeling at this stage, why you want to achieve these goals and how proud you are of your progression so far… When you read/watch this later on, your future self won’t want to let your past self down, and will admire your enthusiasm.

Write a check list

Break your goal down into several smaller goals that are achievable in much less time. As you achieve them, check them off the list, and keep that list pinned somewhere you’re likely to often see it. The visual reminder that you’ve achieved something shows that you are capable of continuing, and as you check that list you will get an uplifting feeling. A small weight off your chest, and a reason to be happy.


Taking photos, writing a diary and crossing off a list of smaller achievements are just some of the ways that I will try to track my own progress this year. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them; send me a little message below! Good luck with all of your New Years Goals, and I hope this article helps you stick to them!

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3 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals – How to track your progress

  1. Just casually stalking through your blog hahah, love your posts so much! I’m gonna come back and read this every time I need motivation! 😀 😀 So well put, definitely what I need to learn to do! X

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  2. Thank you Lottie for your kind words once again! I have to use this post as a reminder to myself too, it’s great to look back at from time to time. I’m trying to keep track of my fitness journey at the moment, so the visual evidence is helping! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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