Ahh 2016 – A year that will go down in history as the year that everything went ‘wrong’ – we lost several celebrities, America got a new president that split the nation, Britain voted for Brexit, and that’s just the beginning. For many people 2016 is the year that they hope to forget about.

In my case however, 2016 wasn’t such a fail of a year. I set out with 3.5 goals to achieve by the time the year was up, and I’m proud to say that I accomplished 2.5  of them (Yes the 0.5 goal sounds strange, but I’ll explain that in a moment). As far as my personal life goes, everything worked out pretty great, and I’m celebrating in light of that. Here’s why…
A quick recap of my 2016 New Year’s goals:


1, Land a full-time job.

Having worked full-time on board Cruise Ships I was no stranger to working long hours, but since I returned to land I had been struggling to find an actual full-time job almost anywhere. This one wasn’t an easy task – 9 job interviews later I managed to land myself a job in Visual Merchandising. It’s been a good year full of fashion; a huge passion of mine, and I hope to progress with this much further.

2, Move out of my family home

Moving into a rental house is something I really had my eye on last year, but until I landed a full-time job this wasn’t possible, hence this being goal no.2. It wasn’t until July that me and my lovely man managed to move in together, and now we’re shaping it into our happy little home.



3, Get fit

This one sounds quite broad, but I actually had a plan. I told myself that I would eat well and when I got a full-time job I was going to join a gym, but until then I asked for running shoes for Christmas and started running as much as I could. I would use the weights in my house to work on my arms, do crunches, sit-ups, press-ups…you name it. However, this goal failed like it does most years (And I’m sure I’m not alone with this one!) after about two-three months. I mostly blamed it on my full-time job as once I had it my energy was zapped; the idea of going for a run early in the morning before work or after I got home just felt laughable.



3.5, Find a lovely man

So I gave this a 0.5 as I didn’t really set this as a goal, it was more something I would have loved to have happened but wasn’t expecting it to. My previous relationships had been mediocre, mentally abusive or the wrong place at the wrong time. If I managed to find someone lovely who could turn my frown upside down and have silly inside jokes with, then I would be over the moon. And indeed I have; my man is lovelier than ever, and I believe that I am so lucky to have found him (Cue the soppy music…).

So all in all, a pretty good year in the life of Amy. I’m currently working on my 2017 New Year’s Goals (Yes I’m aware that it’s several days since the New Year actually started, but I’m putting a lot of thought into them). I’m aiming to up my fitness (Again, I know, but this time with realistic possibilities), up my photography (A big passion and previous job of mine that I miss), and create more travel opportunities for my lovely man and I, but for now I’m off to ponder about it all and take a nice long hot bubble bath.

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