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We all have that one friend who says they’re desperate to travel the world (or already do), and speak of nothing else (I’m that friend, sorry guys!). Whether they’re hitting the road soon and you want to get them a leaving present, it’s a special occasion or you just fancy doing something nice for them, I’ve done a little digging and found some lovely little ideas for those much needed travel gifts. Go ahead and take a look!

A scratch map


No traveller is complete without one of these; it’s an absolute must for any explorer’s journey. Scratching off a country/state each time you visit somewhere new gives you a sense of achievement as you can see where you’ve been and where you have yet to go. You can pick one of these up at Urban Outfitters for £25, and they come in two different sizes.

A selfie stick


The selfie stick is often the tool that when used is frowned upon. Don’t let the haters get to you, as it often results in you taking much better photos than those who don’t use one. If you want to show people where you are on your travels without asking some stranger to take a photo of you, this is the perfect tool to use. They’re also fantastic for group shots and high angles. Make sure that you buy a stick with a button on the end of it; the cheaper selfie sticks don’t include one, so you will end up having to set your phone’s timer for each photo.

A diary/journal


Not everyone uses a diary these days as most people prefer to write all of their thoughts down on their phones/pcs, but for a backpacker this is a great gift; especially if their batteries run out. In the furthest of places there may be no wifi/power, so a paper-based diary/journal is a great way of recording all of your adventures. I bought mine from Paperchase a while ago; but they always have something funky and new in.

A photo album


Similar in ways to the previously noted as not everyone uses these any more, but I still think that displaying your photos in a beautifully decorated photo album is much better than storing them on a hard drive in a folder somewhere, soon to be forgotten about. Okay, so this might not be something you actually take on your travels, but you’re sure to love coming home to one so you can start filling it with newly made memories straight away. I’m a little Paperchase obsessed, but they never fail to have great travel buys.

Travel-inspired jewellery


I’m a big fan of anything with a compass, anchor or globe on it, and I’m sure I’m not alone! There are some really great items to be found on Etsy; one in particular that I love is the £4 Compass Pendant by Fairy Fountain Gifts. It resembles one that I bought off of Vinted a while back, and can be slipped off of the chain and onto a choker for all of the 90’s fans out there.

Travel icons tee

I recently stumbled upon this great little article about a guy who was able to get by on his travels by simply pointing at symbols on his t-shirt, and just HAD to see it. I’ve since tracked down the item on Redbubble for £19, and can’t rate it high enough! For those people who haven’t the time to learn much of the language of the place(s) that they’re going to, this is the (lazy but hilarious) answer.
A trusty back pack


On a couple of my other posts I’ve mentioned the importance of having a back pack during your travels. You can read more about it in my 10 things every Cruise Ship worker needs to pack before their first adventure post. They’re big enough to carry all of your must-takes such as your camera and beach towel, and they’re also great to showcase where you’ve been on your travels by sewing patches and sticking badges onto them. There is a lovely, simple design to be found over at Tmart for £32, and it comes in three different colours.

So there you have it – What to buy for your travel obsessed friend. The list is endless; these are just some simplicities which I believe every traveller should own! If anyone has any recommendations, drop them in a comment below! It might help other future travellers out there, and the people who are trying to find them something special.

If you liked this article, then you might also like my ‘10 things every Cruise Ship worker needs to pack before their first adventure’ article. For more travel/fashion/general lifestyle posts, keep updated by following me on my other social accounts. I appreciate your follow and friendship! 🙂

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