las vegas on a budget

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, I discovered how expensive it was to live the glam life out there, all the while keeping to a budget. Unless you have saved a pretty penny or are fortunate enough to have close relatives who will treat you, you might not be able to do or see as much as you’d hoped while you’re there.

However, by doing some research before my trip, Las Vegas WAS possible on a budget, and it can be for you too. There are plenty of things to see and do that cost little to no money at all, and I’m here to share them with you!

Visit the Eiffel Tower


The Paris Hotel right in the center of the Las Vegas strip has a replica of the Eiffel Tower complete with a lift that, for a small fee, will take you all the way to the top. The view is pretty wonderful as it overlooks the Bellagio Hotel, especially at night when the strip is lit up. Be sure to take your camera for some birds eye style photography.

Say hey to the Flamingos


The Flamingo Hotel has a public garden complete with waterfalls and ponds, which showcases pelicans, black swans, koi fish and most importantly, the birds it is named after. If you’re in search of a little nature inside the city, this is the place to go – for free.

Gaze at the famous Bellagio fountains


Famously seen in the film ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ and right in the heart of the Las Vegas strip are the Bellagio fountains. Running approximately every half an hour during the day and every fifteen minutes between 8pm-12pm, they are quite something to behold. For the best view, wait for the end of a show, let the crowds disperse then head straight to the front-center and get your video camera ready in the perfect spot. This is something you’ll not want to miss. It melts your heart, and you’ll definitely want to show the friends and family back home.

Check out the Star Walk


A star has been dedicated to each and every iconic performer who made Las Vegas famous. They can’t always be seen because of the huge crowds during the day, so try to be an early bird at least one day you’re there to get a glimpse of them while it’s clear. They can be found across the road from the Bellagio, just down from the Paris Hotel.

Check out the light show at Fremont Street


Fremont Street is where it all began; the original Las Vegas, otherwise known as the ‘Old Town’. It’s something to behold just being there; you’ll notice how much more relaxed the atmosphere is. You can hit the slot machines in the old school casinos, or grab a drink at a street bar and watch the live entertainment. Every evening on the hour from 6-12pm there is a light show right above you – dancing shapes and colours to the beat of the music, showcased across the entire ceiling of the old town. Everyone should experience Fremont Street at least once in their lives – there’s nothing quite like it.

Visit the shark pool at the Golden Nugget


In the old town’s Golden Nugget Casino is a hidden gem; a shark tank encased in the centre of a swimming pool. By night it is lit up creating a beautiful display, and there are cosy seats nearby with a poolside bar for those who want a more relaxed evening in Vegas. By day there is a slide that can be accessed; it goes straight through the tank (encased of course!) into the swimming pool below, giving you the cool albeit slightly scary feeling of being amongst them. The tickets are on average $15 (without tax) which also gives you access to the swimming pool for the day. Considering that it’s not every day that you have the opportunity to slide through a shark tank, I’d say it’s worth it!

Explore the Venetian


The beauty of the Venetian Hotel and Casino will take your breath away. Like the Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower, The Venetian is a replica of Venice; complete with St Mark’s Campanile (the bell tower) and Gondola rides. Inside there are quaint little restaurants where gondolas sail past as you dine, bridges leading you across the waters’ edge, and a ceiling painted like a warm summers’ evening. If you’re not likely to get to visit the real Venice, hop on a Gondola for a bit of romance. On the average it’s $29 per person (gratuity not included). If nothing else, it’s something to tick off the bucket list!

Take a selfie with the Statue of Liberty


The New York New York Hotel and Casino offers so much entertainment, I’m not sure where to begin. Let’s start off with the outside; the replica of the Statue of Liberty that simply can’t be passed for photo opportunities. Then there’s the roller coaster around the outside of the Hotel which puts you on a high for the rest of the day. Inside the building the ceiling is painted like the night’s sky and the floor plan is laid out like the streets of New York; think diners, low lighting bars, lit-up street signs, the works. Lastly, hidden upstairs is an old school arcade room, complete with Pac-Man and claw cranes. This place offers something for all of the family to enjoy. What are you waiting for?

Visit the Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


This is one for the garden enthusiasts out there. For each season throughout the year the Botanical Gardens inside the Bellagio is beautifully designed and decorated, with free entrance to all visitors. It is one of the busiest areas of the Bellagio as there is nothing like it in any other Casino. It is the perfect opportunity to take some macro photos; every flower is fresh, not a rip nor tare. It really is quite spectacular.

See the famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign


This opportunity just can’t be missed. For $8 dollars each, hop on the Deuce bus (This allows you to hop on and off anywhere along the strip for an entire 24 hours) and head along the strip to the famous Las Vegas sign. Once you’re there, take your own snaps or wait in line for a professional to do the job. All photos are taken with your own cameras, but a little gratuity goes a long way when the photographer is stood out in the sun all day. If you see nothing else but the inside of the casinos the entire time you’re there, let this be the one thing you see outside. Completely worth the bus ride and a new memory made.

So there you have it – Las Vegas on a budget. Does anyone else have any recommendations without breaking the bank? It might help future travellers out there. Drop a comment below!

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