Since the 70’s has made quite the comeback in fashion over the last few years, there are many things we have fallen madly in love with all over again. One of those comebacks is sewn on patches. They’re cute, they cover up any problem areas on the clothes that you just aren’t ready to throw out yet, and they add a hipster element to your wardrobe.

Although patchwork attire is only just starting to re-appear in high street shops, with celebrity influencers like Margot Robbie and Miley Cyrus wearing them, it won’t be long before they start flying off the shelves. Here are some of the trendiest patchwork items available in the shops to date:


As the original statement piece worn to disguise rips on flared hippy jeans, it’s nice to see that skinny jeans are taking a set back as we add patch work to our lower halves again. These Liquor Poker Patch Jeans from ASOS are pretty hot turn-ups.

Great for hot summer days and outdoor festivals. They cleverly combine rock and hippy chic. For a reasonably priced and nicely styled design, check out these Denim flower patch hot pants from Quiz.

With the soaring come-back of dungarees this last year, why not own the funkiest dungarees out of all of your friends? Boohoo have an amazing pair; the Suzie denim dungaree shorts complete with little American patches.

Although mostly backpacks, you can’t deny their ability to catch your eye, and they’re great for the globe trotters out there who have a lot of stuff to carry. Be sure to take a look at Topshop’s Ustructured Denim Backpack, it’s utterly adorable.

I’d recommend not overdoing it on the patchwork front and wearing a plain denim or different material altogether on your lower halves with these items. For a lovely little number check out New Look with their Blue Patchwork Badge Fray Hem Denim Jacket.



Before you throw out those jeans you never wear from the back of your wardrobe, why not buy a few patches and modernise them yourself? Or try updating that bag your distant cousin bought you that just didn’t go with anything; with patches added it might just work. You can buy patches online and iron/sew them on yourself for next to nothing.

I’d like to share with you my own example of a patch work piece. During my travels I accumulated patches from across the globe, and to this day I’m still adding to it. Here’s my very own travel bag:



So there you have it; a modern twist on your denim, AND accessories. If you’re a globe trotter like myself then buy yourself a nice bag before-hand and collect your patches along the way. For those of you who are a little keen to get the patch collection started, here are some adorable little designs I’ve hand-picked and hope you will love. Take a look:


1 – Etsy – 2x Tropical yellow pineapple iron on patches – £1.62 (Plus shipping)

2 – Grindstore – Dreamcatcher patch – £1.99

3 – Attitude clothing – Extreme largeness cute unicorn patch – £1.99) (Plus £2.99 Delivery)


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