I have a new abbreviation I would like to try out – LLJ. Explanation: Little Leather Jacket. Let’s face it, leather jackets never go out of style, and with the British weather being so unpredictable, it’s good to have one of these timeless pieces in your wardrobe. It’s hard to believe they’re not crafted by some kind of magic; they posess the power to both cool you down in the summer (at least at first when the cool leather hits your skin) and keep you warm in the winter.

All of the celebrities are wearing them (See here for Kendal Jenner and Mariah Carey to name a few), they’re featured in several of our favourite online magazines (Be sure to check out Look and Elle UK for articles and inspiration) and they’re even being re-designed with superheroes in mind (Totally cool for the comic fans out there, check out FJackets.com).

Although the most popular leather jacket colour to date is black, and I don’t deny they go with everything as even I have one in my wardrobe, I decided to try a slightly brighter colour and alternate the look a little with this new find. It lifts the outfit and lessens the ‘rocker’ image. Take a look:

brownleatherjacket1 brownleatherjacket2 brownleatherjacket3 brownleatherjacket4 brownleatherjacket5

Retailer: Miss Selfridge
Last spotted: Online on 9th June 2016, discounted
Price: Was £49, now £30

For those of you who are looking for a lower priced alternative, here are my top finds to date:


1. Primark – £14 – Black PU biker jacket
For a simple black leather jacket with zipped pockets on the side

2. Miss Selfridge – £21 (discounted online) –Faux fur collar biker jacket
For the times that you don’t want to wear a scarf, but don’t worry, the fur’s detachable for a simple look too.

3. Select – £19.99 (discounted online) – Studded PU biker jacket
For something with a little extra detail. Who doesn’t love studs?

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